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FloodSax solve a weighty problem

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FloodSax solve a weighty problem for utility company vans … and fire engines.

Utility companies and the emergency services are turning to FloodSax alternative sandbags as traditional sandbags are way too heavy to carry on their vehicles.

Water companies, telecommunications firms, gas and electricity businesses all need sandbags to weigh down signs when they are digging up roads or to stop and divert water, perhaps from burst pipes and mains under roads.

Many of their works vans now have to carry sandbags around but the vans already have so much equipment on board the crews are finding the vans are getting overloaded once they pop the sandbags in too.

This is why more and more are using FloodSax sandless sandbags as they are vacuum-packed in packs of five so take up little space on the vans. They can be instantly deployed at the scene by immersing them in water and the polymer gel inside absorbs up to 20 litres and retains it, turning them into instant sandbags but without the sand.

Fire engines across the UK also have the same problem so are ditching sandbags in favour of FloodSax as they all carry water on board so energising the FloodSax is no problem.

FloodSax specialist project manager Jessica Bailey said: “We’ve been at a couple of shows and trade exhibitions recently when frontline crews working with the utility companies told us about the weight problem with their vans caused by having to transport sandbags around.

“On top of the weight, old-style sandbags can also quickly deteriorate spilling sand in the vans or on the roads, causing a mess in the vans as sand gets everywhere and clogging up drains by the roadside which causes environmental problems and the risk of further flooding.

“The utility staff are finding it so much easier to carry the FloodSax around in their vacuum packs.”

FloodSax are multi-purpose. In their dry state FloodSax have a large surface area yet are very thin so can soak up water from internal floods, especially in hard-to-reach places such as underneath sinks, beneath floorboards or below radiators.

G K & N Spare Limited have been a distributor of FloodSax since 2021, and since then we have steered many of our customers away from sandbags because of factors such as weight and inconvenience.

If you are interested in purchasing FloodSax, or wish to know more about them, please get in touch with the G K & N Spares Sales team and we will be happy to assist in anyway we can.




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